Wedding Invites Designed!

After a LOT of revisions, it looks like we finally have the designs of the wedding invitations down.

The “bride’s side” cards have been designed entirely by my family and I, with A as the graphic designer. A and his family entirely designed the “boy’s side”invites.

This was accomplished by a lot of post dinner “meetings” around the dinner table. Poor A;; he would make changes to the cards as per me, only to change them again as per Mom, only to then change them as per Dad. It took a lot of patience but the end result is well worth it. My wedding invitations have the theme, or inspiration, of ‘haldi’ and ‘sindoor’.Some of the card inserts are bright yellow, others are a bright red, and we also have a mehendi green colour in there. Overall, the colours flow well together and it looks gorgeous.

All through this card design process, A was very cocky and kept saying watch what I do with my cards. Now that his invitations are complete, I can say the cockiness was justified. His are a beautiful combination of silver and royal blue with our names entwined as a crest. It truly is unique and I cannot wait to see them printed. I am so very glad to have such a talented fiance 😀

Now that the invites are a reality, it takes me back to our early days when I would write our names together at the back of my notebooks. It brings a smile to my face- at long last, those names are together for ever.