House Hunting!

House hunting can be a tiring affair. It is also a time consuming one. But it’s also fun 🙂

There is something special about looking for your first home together. It’s a whole new energy, a whole new vibe. It truly is the unknown. But a happy unknown.

We went house hunting again this weekend, and it was a great experience, because one of the condos we walked into took our breaths away. It felt like a perfect space for us, and that has never happened so far, so it was a positive sign. Only downside – it’s available for September, and not December. However, things we took away from this:

 –  We both definitely want hardwood floors, granite countertops and stainless steel appliances – all the bells and whistles as our real estate agent calls it.

 – We’re willing to compromise on space a bit for these features.

 – We definitely want a 2 bedroom 2 washroom unit.  If the space is small, the 2nd bedroom is needed, and since we both leave for work at about the same time, the 2 washrooms are a must. And so we have crossed out the 1 bedroom + den from our “maybe” list. 

So we’re learning as we go, and I smell victory – the perfect condo is just around the corner. In fact, we may have even checked it out.

We checked out the sister building of this complex right after – the location was different though. However, it did meet a lot of our requirements:

 – It is also a brand new space, and available for November, which we can easily to push to December

 – It’s on the top floor (26th), so the view will be great

 – Its a 2 bed 2 bath, and falls within our budget

 – The complex itself is very luxurious and inviting – lots of amenities.

 – Close to both A’s and my work

Only downside (as there must always be) – the location. It’s in a part of town that we’ve never lived in before and we are apprehensive of making the move there. That is the only thing that is holding us back for this. So we decided to check out a few more options so that we really know what is out there before we zero in on anything. 

While looking at their model suites, I was keeping an eye out for furniture placement – biggest and best trick: they had a giant mirror on one wall of the living room, which doubled the space. We’re definitely doing that – it’s on my checklist for “Stuff to buy for new home: Giant mirror”

And so, on goes the hunt…hope to “catch” something soon! 🙂



99 days to go- house hunting on, dance choreography on, packing start

Now that we are in the double digits, the fact that we are getting married seems all the more real. The countdown is truly on now!
Things that we have been up to:
We started with the house hunt a couple of weeks ago. Met a real estate agent who showed us some pretty swanky condos, but I thought they were too small. So we’ll go for house hunting round 2 very soon- probably this weekend. I have to say, there is an element of unrealism to this whole experience. Always having lived under my parents roof…and now to live on my own is definitely a bittersweet idea. Stepping into a house and imagining where our stuff would go is a very very foreign feeling- and yet highly welcomed and anticipated. It’ll truly be our love nest… Just hope we find “the” condo soon!!

Apart from that, I met with a choreographer and figured out a plan for dance practices. We have an idea of performing to a medley of 3 songs on the Sagan ceremony. While speaking to the choreographer, i mentioned that A isnt overly excited about doing a performance since he thinks its a bit too cheesy. She said that all grooms are the same. They start off very hesitantly, but by the end, they are more into it than the bride! Lets hope that happens for us! I was proud of our song choices though- they were very uncommen. Practice starts next wednesday 🙂

And then there is the bane of my life – packing! I really need to get my act together and start with this. “stuff to keep”, “stuff to throw”, “stuff to take with me to the new house”, “stuff to take to India” and “stuff to leave here” (yes, im still keeping my bedroom closet in my parents house! Need the storage!). I have all the categories sorted out in my head… Its just the execution that is a problem. Planning on starting this weekend.

But the upside- honeymoon shopping!! With the summer sales on, I have stacked up a good clothes collection 🙂 i have all the basics- tiny skirts, dresses, tops, and the not so basics- printed pants (which i looooove btw!!) so it should be good. Just need to get swimwear now- bikini shopping soon:)

Hopefully I’ll get things checked off my list soon and be a calm bride… Here’s hoping!