The Chandni Chowk Chronicles – 2 ‘The Elusive Pagdis’


Chandni Chowk continued to enmate its flavor. While A and I were whizzing around Delhi checking countless things off our list, My Mom and aunts visited CC on their own many times. And each time, they brought back a haul!

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The Chandni Chowk Chronicles – 1


I think of Chandni Chowk as the mixture in which our wedding marinated. The flavor, the amazing taste and the phenomenal little touches that we had at the events, came from here. From setting foot in this amazing market once a year to making a trip there every second day was quite a change, but I am glad I got to experience the authentic ‘delhiness’ of the place, and that we were shopping in a place so steeped in history. Countless generations of brides must have shopped here before me, and countless will after me.  Continue reading

Chandni Chowk –A personal history


There is a connection A and I have with Chandni Chowk. There is a chapter dedicated to this place in our love story and it is a place we remember with great fondness. So before I begin to chronicle my shopping saga in Chandni Chowk, I had to give over a post just to the significance it holds in the history of our relationship. Continue reading