The Relativity of Time


Time is relative. Decades can feel like seconds and minutes can feel like centuries. Time expands and contracts based on where you are and what you are doing. I have been in a philosophical mood the last few days because just last week “A” and I celebrated 10 years together.


A decade of dating, of secret meetings, of long phone calls. A decade of romance.

Life has charted such paths for us over the last 10 years, such that we had never even imagined. What started off as a high school crush would end up as my entire life…who knew. And so we are thankful. Indeed, very very thankful. This has been a busy decade with a lot of ups and downs. We passed through high school, graduated from universities, completed our post-grads, got employed, and now finally are house-hunting.

So to the treasure trove of memories that the past 10 years are…Cheers! To the journey of “A” nervously asking me out 10 years ago, to him proposing marriage on one knee with a sparkler of a ring (yes, he proposed!!)… Cheers!

And now; onwards to the future and the making of new memories J

As short as the last decade felt, the last few months absolutely crawled!! Keeping my eye on November 2012, January, February, March and the rest of the months passed by, but it just seemed sooooo far.

However, something drastically changes when you hit the 4 month mark, as we recently did. Then things move from casual to frantic and everything goes up several notches. We will soon hit the 100-day mark, and then we are into the uncharted territory of double digits. With the way things are going, that’s going to be an exercise in madness. Coordinating a long distance is not easy!

I have my trusty Wedding Countdown app on my iPhone to thank for the exact countdown, right down to the second. Each morning, I open it up bleary eyed, and look at the number, and each day starts with a smile. J


As I look forward to the next few months, I just wished to turn around and thank the last few years. May the mayhem never end!