The Lazy Bride’s Guide to drinking enough H2O

Everyone knows about the 8 glasses a day theory. It is supposed to give you awesome skin, and should make you feel refreshed in general. I don’t know about the being refreshed, but with the wedding so close, I want my skin to be at it’s best and so I figured I will really have to fall in line with this water thing.

I have always been notorious in never having my 8 glasses of water a day. Frankly speaking, it is just so easy to forget about it. I have tried all manner of things to make drinking water more appealing to me. The latest was dropping wedges of lemon into my water.

Though that got me drinking more, I got bored after a point and back to my forgetful old self again.

Until I recently discovered a great iPhone app – Water Tracker


It’s an awesome app where you indicate what the goal is (as in number of glasses of water to drink each day) and what kind of reminders you want. It tracks your progress as you go and keeps a history.

I have kept my goal as 8 glasses and have promised myself to get up and drink a glass of water whenever a reminder pops up on my phone – and I have set the reminder to ‘random’ so I will not be anticipating it.


So far, it is working great and I feel so happy checking off glasses throughout the day and hitting my goal of 8. Trouble area – weekends. I’m so busy on weekends that I have been ignoring even the reminders. It works great for weekdays though, when I am at work and home and have easy access to water .

So here’s to glowing, hydrated skin – and to technology!