Of Fairytales and Life


Ours is a fairytale romance.

It’s our very own rom-com movie, and I am fortunate to be one half of a crazy love story.

It starts on the streets of Delhi, between 2 high school kids, and spans time and space. Delhi was the backdrop to our love story for a number of years. We were dating in Grade 12, and courted all the way through university.  All the elements of a soap opera – lovey dovey shots, life planning  dreaming sessions, anniversaries, birthdays, troublemakers, family issues, family non-issues…. Sometimes we forget just how dramatic our lives are

And then our love story went international – and this was Bollywood style separation at its best. . Post university, we had to follow separate paths for a couple of years and we both left Delhi. However, the flame never dimmed for a minute! There were fresh flowers at my doorstep from half a world away, loooong phone calls, web chats, and finally our patience paid off. We were reunited when ‘A’ relocated from Singapore and moved to Toronto for his MBA.

Is it even possible to describe the intensity of this moment: seeing the love of your life walk through airport doors and back into your life after a long separation?

And then – November 2012

We returned to the birthplace of our love story – and were wed. I don’t know about the Once Upon A Time, but there definitely is a Happily Ever After!

From schoolgirl girlfriend to wife: it’s been and continues to be quite a hell of a ride! thevowsandbeyond is a place for me to collect my memories and create snapshots in time – precious little moments that come and go in life without us really thinking about it.

Call me sappy, but memories are meant to be preserved. And love stories are meant to be lived!

– Manushvi

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