How to Store Bridal Wear?

Hello all!

I’m working on the next post – our Mata ki Chowki.

But I had a question I am hoping someone will know the answer to:

How do you store bridal net dupattas? Mine are heavy with kundan work on them. Im scared that the net will crack if I keep it folded up or the kundan will go black. Any tips?

6 thoughts on “How to Store Bridal Wear?

  1. Hey wrap it in an old cotton/gorgette/chiffon dupatta. you need to open them up once every few months and they should be fine. I wore my mom’s reception sari for my reception and it had a full silver jaal. I didn’t even need to polish the jaal, let alone transfer the embroidery and it looked brand new, not 31 years old!

  2. i dont know how to explain without showing/pictures but i’ll try

    you can take another dupatta and open both the dupatta and align/overlap them
    now fold your dupatta twice and rest just roll up
    too many folds ends up creasing
    so fold once or twice and just roll up like towels we see at hotels ..
    if you did’nt get it i’ll click pics and show
    hope it helped

  3. Thanks Mrinalini!! I’ve taken your advice and hunted out a couple of old dupattas. I think its fab that you were able to wear your Mom’s sari!! That must really have been very special! Lucky!

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