Our First Pre Wedding Shoot

I finally got around to posting pictures of the first pre wedding shoot!

The shoot was done at dusk at Qutub Minar, Delhi. I have to say – the beauty of the stonework really does really jump out at you at this time of the day!

My best friend had flown down from Chicago by this time, and she was with us at the shoot – tourist opportunity for her, and some time together for us!

For the shoot, I wore the anarkali that I had received from my in-laws for karva chauth – and I’m glad I did – I think the pictures do it justice.

Here are some of the pictures from the shoot:

ImageThis is us running away from it all!


Sharing secrets



ImageAnd… extra filmy!

ImageWe actually climbed a wall to get this shot… if you can imagine the security guard standing below yelling at us, while the photographer quickly snaps away, you’ll understand why I’m laughing so much

ImageThis was a Kuch Kuch Hota Hai moment


ImageNo – this is way more DDLJ!

ImageThis one hangs on my wall. The formal pose was my idea, and I am glad we did it – the stone background really gives this picture the antique look I wanted.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageGot you!


The shoot itself was so much fun! We giggled our way right through it (and shooed people out the frame every time!)

The pictures played as a slideshow on giant screens at the wedding – and that was the first time I saw them. I remember craning my neck around the aunties to see them… and the memory of this fun day melted my heart!

For us, the pre wedding shoots came smack in the middle of the busiest phase of wedding shopping – there was no way we were able to get away for dates… so it was a great time to breathe, and just pause, and wonder at the fact that we were getting married!!


18 thoughts on “Our First Pre Wedding Shoot

  1. Helloo my doppelgänger!! love love love love the pics!! you guys look adorable together 🙂 I loooove the one of both of you, nose to nose!
    We had our photoshoot on the beach at sunset (a white dress and frangipani flower for me!) and it was the most funnn evening..and the last time we truly goofed around just the two of us!

    • Loved the pics.. Especially the one above the one you are sitting in the garden with your anarkali properly laid down! I can totally imagine you shoo-ing ppl away! The first thought that came into my mind when you said Qutub Minar was – how did she manage in that crowd!!! I have never seen that place scanty enough for a photo shoot.

      • Lol! That pic is one of my favorite as well!! 😀 you know you’re soooo right about the crowds!! This is how we dealt with it: the Qutub complex closes at about 6 pm, and we were there at about 5-6 pm- the gaurds were asking people to leave. And then we pretended to be shooting a movie! So the gaurds actually helped to clear the area for us! Perfect 🙂
        ( while leaving, i told the gaurd to watch our movie :p)

  2. Wow lovely pictures 🙂 you guys look so natural and comfortable in this pics !

    Btw the post mentions – ‘First Pre Wedding Shoot’ . Do we get to see more pictures 🙂

    Keep posting! Can’t wait for rest of your wedding posts

  3. Nope. Haven’t gotten around to doing anything! Not even sorting pics for my album. But i will share the link once i upload it 🙂

  4. Wow lovely pics
    n I finally get to see the face behind the blog !
    And I liked the fact that you chose Indian wear instead of western/casual

  5. Did your photographer friend ask you to make all those poses, or did you guys think of them yourself? In any case, each picture is SUPREMELY ADORABLE and looks very professionally shot! Btw, I had my pre-wedding shoot at Hauz Khas Village, and my pictures bear an uncanny resemblance to yours ‘coz the architectural background looked similar and I wore an anarkali too!

    I enquired about you when I went to Looks, Noida for my engagement make-up, and Deepika told me that the NRI bride looked very pretty on the wedding! I am eagerly waiting for those pictures too! Hurry up! 🙂

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