Days into our arrival, we had gone off to Punjab to wrap up some serious gift shopping from there. We had gone to Ambala with the aim of buying Sagan presents for A’s family. Since we had family in Ambala, it was an easy trip. Plus, I love the drive from Delhi to Punjab… the lush green fields, the little towns on the way… it’s all so very very charming!

I remember stopping at Sukhdev Dhaba on the way – we had the yummiest paranthas ever. Once in Ambala, we had amazing gol gappas, pastries, tikki, lime soda and all other street food. Loved each bite!!


Ambala is well known for its clothes, and is a hub for wedding shopping, especially for NRIs. Save for A’s parents, we shopped for all of his extended family from there. Sarees, suit pieces, shawls… everything.I did not go with the aim of finding anything for myself, but ended up with a few suits anyway.

It was important to wrap up the relatives’ shopping quickly, as it was a sizeable amount, and needed to be done first off. Going out of Delhi for this was a good idea because we were forced to complete it in 2 days. Had we remained in Delhi, there would have been upteen trips back and forth as we wondered if this is the right gift or that is.

Mom had a loooong list of people, but we managed to get through it. This was not amazing fun for me, to say in the least. I couldn’t guess the taste of people I hadn’t met, but Mom took this task very seriously. It makes me happy to remember the amount of care and love with which Mom chose presents for my in-laws. Everything was chosen with an eye that only a mother can display at the time of her daughter’s wedding.

At the end of the 2 days, we bought one of the biggest things: my chooda and khaleerien. Separate post for this – it’s sacred!

2 thoughts on “Punjab

  1. Sukhdev ka dhaba is awesome! I am myself going to do a post on it because we made a trip there after our farewell party ended in the evening. 🙂

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