No excuse for Tardiness

There really isn’t, is there?

All I can say in my defense is that I am running. Happily running, but running indeed. 

Running a career, running a home. I really am loving each day of my newly wedded bliss but my poor blog bears the brunt!

I’m putting an end to this now. I know that time is made, not found. And so – I commit myself to a new blog update every 2 days.

(Vowed by thevowsand beyond)

2 thoughts on “No excuse for Tardiness

  1. I agree!! I am in the same phase. Evenings just vanish off in no time, another wedding in the family – so shopping excursions. Its time I also take a similar pledge of updating at a regular interval.

    • Another wedding in the family!! I’m sure you’re very very well prepared for these shopping excursions!! Its great to know I’m not alone in this “no-time” boat. Life is rushing by too fast!!

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