The Magic of Karol Bagh


Karol Bagh is one of the larger markets of Delhi, and is a must-visit wedding- shopping destination. I did not have much history with Karol Bagh. I didn’t really visit it in my university days, and hardly ever went there in my childhood. I did, however, make a bunch of trips there for the wedding, and so that is how it is imprinted in my brain.

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The Wedding Cards Part II

The mayhem had reached a peak. Dad had flown in a couple of days ago, and had expected to be on the road right away with the wedding invitations. He was in for a shock! The cards were not ready, and it was less than a month to the wedding.

Of course, the onus was on me and Mom, and we had to explain exactly how it was that we had not been able to manage this. I huffed and puffed, and told him that he’s welcome to it, and that’s how it became my Dad’s problem.

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No excuse for Tardiness

There really isn’t, is there?

All I can say in my defense is that I am running. Happily running, but running indeed. 

Running a career, running a home. I really am loving each day of my newly wedded bliss but my poor blog bears the brunt!

I’m putting an end to this now. I know that time is made, not found. And so – I commit myself to a new blog update every 2 days.

(Vowed by thevowsand beyond)