The Vows and Beyond


When I had first started this blog, the wedding was many moons away. Now that I look back, it all seems a dream… The Vows finally happened!!

And now – hello from the “Beyond”!

Life here is different, but fun. There is a different set of keys in my purse now, a different view outside my window. I now wear a chooda, have the cutest mangalsutra, and am no longer scared to wear my engagement ring (I have discovered it will not scratch easily, as I had feared in the start). In short, I am very much married.

I often find myself remembering a forgotten moment in the madness that was the wedding prep, and it always makes me smile. Because what they say is true – it all turns out be fine in the end – in fact more than fine.

The lead- up to the wedding and the events were phenomenal. Champagne flowed and so did tears. Laughter rang through the house. Family got together from all over the world. Warmth. Happiness. Love. It was more than I could have asked for.

I want to pick the blog up from where I left off for this precise reason. Though the last few months are very much alive in my head, I want to record everything, especially my thoughts over those months. Memories are collective, but my thoughts and feelings are only mine to know, and I do not want it all to melt into a single confused memory. That had been the purpose of this blog from the start – recording my state of mind. So, from the peace I felt with all my cousins around me chattering away, to the heartbreaking moment of leaving, I have had many, many new and conflicting emotions. The only thing that was always there, quiet in a corner of my heart was A. Every new emotion resonated with the oldest and most intense feeling I know – my love for him. We did it in the end – fulfilled a dream that was dreamt by two very naïve 17 year olds 😀

So here’s to Family! No matter where you go, it is to them you return.

And here’s to Love. Which really does conquer all!


5 thoughts on “The Vows and Beyond

  1. Good to hear back from you! And while unfortunately for me, it seems my wedding and the days leading up to it are going to remain one big hazy memory jamboree, I love the fact that you internalized the experience so much more, and that’s what makes your blog so unique… Will await your posts, and all the very best!

  2. And thanks for your lovely comments on my lehenga – have re-uploaded pics showing my makeup and engagement lehenga in the same post…

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