A Fast for Love


Karva Chauth has always been lavishly celebrated between A and I  since years now. All through university, we have been doing all the filmy stuff – secret fasts, bangles, bindis and mehendi a day before, dressing up traditionally the day of, A coming to see me secretly as the moon rose, or at times, handing me a Mars bar and a bottle of water to break my fast in case he wasn’t able to come…. Breaking the fast at night, and asking for a long and healthy love with this boy that I have been gifted by Above. 😀

(I’m in a very romantic mood today, in case it is not obvious :p)

So this is my first official Karva Chauth – no secretly gorging on chips at 4 in the morning – I had an official sargi today 🙂

Parents-in-law came last night to give me my Sargi (the traditional mix of food, clothes, jewelry etc). They got a huge ‘tokra’ of fruits, kaju barfi, clothes and accessories for me to wear on this most special day.


I love the suit! It’s a pretty pink with stonework all over, with matching accessories




And so I wait for the moon to show its face, wait to thank the Heavens for this sacred bond that A and I are to be tied in… and wait to EAT and DRINK!! Haha – It’s funny that the secret fasts were soooo much easier than this official one!

7 thoughts on “A Fast for Love

  1. This is so romantic… Especially the boy and you doing your secret karva chauths all these years 🙂 the more I read the more I feel that you and your boy are so so much in love with each other…and that’s more rare and precious than people think even among bfs and gfs!

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