How I found my Sagan Outfit

For the Sagan ceremony, I had my heart set on the famous Katrina lehenga. I even loved the colours that it originally came in – shell pink with cream and silver.


I had conveyed this request to the in-laws because they were the ones who were getting me the outfit. However, I was a wee bit disappointed to see just how famous that lehenga had gotten!! Replicas were everywhere, and so the originality factor was zero.   

So I made up my mind to have a look at what was out there. The family took me out shopping last week on Navmi: A, Mom-in-law, Dad-in-law and me, their “to-be daughter in law”, and off we went to Karol Bagh. At this point, I was thinking about one-piece dresses, but continued to keep the Katrina lehenga as a back—up. 

The first few stores we visited had only lehengas and saris – no dresses, and so we walked out. After leaving the 3rd shop empty handed I started to feel a little conscious of the fact that I had my in-laws with me, and I really didn’t want to seem like a demanding girl. However, I really didn’t want to compromise on the dress either!

We stopped my shopping for a bit because we came across Gujrals. A’s and my father-in law’s Sagan outfits were selected here. As we left the shop and were walking around, the clouds gathered, and it started raining, quite heavily.  We ran to the nearest store – guided by A, and it turned out to be Frontier (smiles, smiles).

Here I found what I was looking for! And it was not the Katrina lehenga. After trying on about 6 – 7 dresses, I finally chose a beautiful, floaty net one in rose pink. It had delicate antique work all over the bodice reaching down, and had a huge ‘ghera’.  I felt like a princess wearing it!

Since it was being made-to-order, I got the colour changed to red. The wedding lehenga is a riot of colours but has fuchsia as it’s base, so I did not want to repeat the pink factor here.  Stonework changes to red from pink, and everything else remains the same.

When they heard that I needed the delivery in just about 3 weeks, the shop assistants balked and said the delivery could not be completed on time. Thankfully, a bit (or rather quite a lot) of coaxing changed their minds, and my measurements were taken.

The delivery date is set for 2 days before the Sagan – can’t wait to see how it turns out! Shopping for this outfit turned out to be a memorable experience – the romance of the rainy weather was perfect, and it was like Frontier just beckoned – thankfully, I heeded!


P.S – shopping with your in-laws is the best way to break the ice and get more comfortable! Bonding over kulfi at Roshans’ really helped me settle down 🙂



9 thoughts on “How I found my Sagan Outfit

  1. Somehow I never found anything at OPJL, I am a frontier girl thru and thru, all my outfit except Mehendi(which I am making myself) are from there!

    Agree with you on breaking-the-ice over shopping bit, because sit down dinners are always a bit formal and you cant act natural, but shopping eases out everyone

    • I loved the typical “dilliness” of OPLJ… Lol! Maybe that’s just the delhiite in me talking. But I agree with you on this- except for my lehenga, nothing else there really appealed to me… However, there are a lot of similiarities in both stores.

      I think shopping is the ultimate stress- buster. Love it- makes for memorable experiences 🙂

  2. I had the WORST experience in Frontier Raas in South ex! Went there once and never again. Alot has to do with salesmen too, I guess. So important for them to understand what you want and BE PATIENT! It’s our wedding outfits, DUH, we are going to take time!

  3. Hey, great to see things are going so well and a lot seems to be getting done…

    Meanwhile I am feeling like such a dork that I have a lehenga for my sagan-cum-cocktail party event…that too a fairly heavy lehenga which is being debridalised by putting a diff choli and dupatta…I should have opted for something more modern I think! 😦

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