Wedding Prep on Steroids

The last week has gone by in a blur. Internet was not set up at home, so I was unable to post before this, but here is a quick update on the progress:


Day 1: We were severely jetlagged, but we gathered our strength and went to Chandni Chowk to finalize the wedding invites. The box and the invite leaves were worked on. There is no bigger shock to your system than going from Toronto to Chandni Chowk in a matter of 24 hours. They actually have ‘people’ jams there!!

Also – thank goodness for the Metro. A distance that would have usually us over an hour to cover took us 20 minutes. This is also the day that I first went to Om Prakash Jawahar Lal. Will dedicate a whole post to this. 


Day 2: I went off to check out salons on this day. Since the wedding is in Noida, I do not want to book a salon too far from there, so I visited all the salons in the Sector 18 area. So far, Looks salon seems to have really good makeup – I will probably book that for the wedding makeup and book Lakme for the pre-bridal.

After that, A and I went off to Lajpat Nagar to look for Sagan outfits. However, we ended up just roaming around hand in hand like lovesick teenagers :p

It was awesome to be dating again in Delhi, though to be fair, I did check out a few stores. Didn’t like anything I saw though. Still, it was awesome having roadside ‘tikki’ after so long. I was trying to keep away from the gol gappas because I did not want to fall sick. When I felt my self control flagging, A literally picked me up and took me away from the chaatwala J. I also checked out the designs the mehendi vallas had for bridal mehendi here. Thankfully, the design I am looking for was easily available. I love the baraat and doli scenes in mehendi! Also checked out Vidya Tikari, but was not super impressed.


Day 3 and 4: We were off to Punjab on these 2 days. Went shopping there for the Sagan gifts. I also bought my mehendi lehenga from there – it’s mehendi green in colour, just what I had in mind, so how could I not pick it up J. My chooda and kaliras were also bought. I am not allowed to see the chooda till it is actually on me – dying to see it! This was a fun trip – total Namaste London vibe – and the dhaaba food was deeeelish!


Day 5: Back in Delhi – went jewelry shopping on this day – for both me and for gifting purposes to my in-laws. Mom also bought other stuff like chaandi ki thaali for the tilak ceremony. After that, I was actually able to get some street shopping done. Got myself some comfy harems and a jodhpur trouser.


Day 6: Lehenga shopping day. Separate post coming soon.


Day 7: Today. Will likely go for Sagan shopping again.


Still looking for floral jewelry – why is it so hard to find in Delhi??






14 thoughts on “Wedding Prep on Steroids

  1. Wow that’s lots done… You give me hope! Although I have finished quite a bit, am perpetually panicky about only having the weekends and holidays to work on the wedding arrangements, and then also sometimes I travel out on work during the weekends like I will during Nov 4/5.

    Meanwhile, it seems your wedding lehenga, your mehendi outfit, your jewelry, some bit of shopping for in-laws are all done very very fast. It will be a cakewalk for you I think – I think you will be all wrapped up in another 7 days!

    And I can’t even imagine what Toronto to Chandni Chowk would have been like ! 😀

    • I think that is the only little bit of leverage I have in this whole process – that I have a solid month at home to do nothing but wedding stuff. My work email is off, and my head is totally at home at this point. We’re able to get a lot done each day this way 🙂

      However, I’m sure you’ve had a bunch of stuff covered by now – it always turns out well anyway (that’s my mantra :p)

      All the best for everything! xoxo

  2. Lakshmi Narain Mandir In chandni chowk is apparently known for their floral jewellery. Also, any ferns and petals should be able to provide the same.

  3. Hi fellow bride-to-be, welcome to India (and the wedding madness) and good luck with the preparations! Thought I’d share my twopence with you. Looks in Noida is awesome, I got ready for my roka there and would have gone back to Deepika for the wedding had the venue not been in another corner of Delhi, she works like a dream! Also, she has an air-brush variant (not mentioned in the rate card) which is supposed to look more natural and be more long-lasting, so you could maybe go for that. Cheers! 🙂

      • After getting to know that there is a technique called ‘air-brush,’ I started acting all-informed in my discussions with other MUA’s and asked them if they would do it for me too. But most of them (who hadn’t adopted it anyway) said it is not NEEDED as it is used for fashion shoots and all. My google research said it was more natural and long-lasting, so had I booked Looks for my wedding, I would have gone for it for 2 reasons:
        1. My venue is really far away, and I would have wanted something as long-lasting as possible.
        2. The only negative feedback I had heard was that it’s not NEEDED, nothing bad per se, so I would be more comfortable going for something which was supposedly a better technique which the salon had to offer. (With the flipside being that even the air-brush version here costs much lesser if you compare it to market rates.)
        I must add that for the roka, I went for the normal, non air-brushed make-up, and still got a lot of compliments about how natural and girlish it looked. So irrespective of what you choose, I am sure she would do an awesome job and you would look stunning, so just go with what your hunch says! 🙂

      • Perfect!! You helped me settle my mind. I was teethering towards the airbrush anyway, esp since Deepika recommended it so much… And I figure that my makeup on other functions is the normal one anyway, so its better to go for the airbrush for the wedding.

      • That’s awesome girl! I too booked my engagement make-up with her today, and since the earlier one was normal, now air-brush it would be!

  4. me and my guy also went to lajpat nagar, amar colony. This was my first time and I was super excited to check out anarkali suits there. I like collection there. I also ad chaat there

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