Question for all brides out there:

I really want to take a moment and get on stage on my Mehendi function to address my family and friends that will be there. Toasting is an integral part of weddings here, and I find it really touching. I would looooove to toast my family and to acknowledge all that they have done for me over the years. It truly does take a village to raise a child.

2 questions:

1) How appropriate will this be for a Delhi wedding (read noisy and drunk – will people even stop to listen?)

2) How do you do this without crying?

9 thoughts on “Toasts?

  1. I think there is absolutely no harm in trying, even with the noisy drunk Delhi ambience..maybe you should try to do it early on before people get a chance to get too drunk! And there’s no way you can do this without crying, so waterproof makeup will be the only ally!

  2. And don’t bother with appropriateness…just because it may not be usual, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it… am sure it will be v well appreciated and it is, after all, YOUR wedding!

  3. You can always do it in between dance performances, or just before you cut the cake {on Engagement rather than mehandi}… On Mehandi, all your friends (and closed ones) would probably be near the DJ, so just grab the mike, pause the music and speak your heart out…

    and yes, people do listen unless dinner has started.

  4. Not quite the appropriate place, but thought I should keep you posted that I discussed the must-have shots with my wedding photographer Priyam Malhotra and he was extremely receptive to the same… So go for it !

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