Showers of Happiness

This last weekend was a super busy one!! I was busy all day Saturday with a work event and party, and so when Sunday dawned, I was content to just lie in bed. Not to be – my brother dragged me out of the house on the dumbest of excuses, and I was out all morning. We finally came home at about 1 30 PM.

I opened the door, and everything was decorated in pink – pink balloons, streamers. And a room full of women wearing all shades of pink yelling “Surprise”!

I was standing in the middle of my surprise bridal shower.

I remember the silly grin on my face never left me, and I was just so bewildered by it all! It was a super duper party arranged by my Mom and a couple of friends. The theme was pink butterfly, and so once I got over the shock, I was sent to my room to change into something pink.

All my clothes were packed, so I dragged out the first pink thing I saw – a brand new fuchsia long top. Perfect. I teamed that with tights and headed back down. Showers are silly affairs, but a lot of fun. I was made to wear a tiara and sit in the center of the room. I was blushing so much that I must have matched the colour of my shirt.

As is the custom at showers, there were a lot of games, and they were sooooo much fun!! We had the “dress made of toilet paper” one. I chose the winner for that, and it was the team that gave their bride model a pretty dress AND a pretty toilet paper hairband. Then there was the “advice”. All the women had written down their advice on little slips of paper and I had to read them aloud. I was so embarrassed – there was stuff like “buy a blanket one size bigger than your bed”.

The girls had emailed ‘A’ a bunch of questions about his likes, dislikes etc, and I was asked those same questions. The guests bet on how many I would get right. I actually got 7 right, and 3 women won the prize. The ones I got wrong? “What would A want you to wear on the 1st night?” Now – even if I knew, I wouldn’t answer because I was sooooo embarassed!! Another wrong answer question was what he is scared of…. I wasn’t sure. The answer was “losing you”. That really was special!

There was this one game where a ball is placed in a pair of pantyhose, and tied it to the waist of the ‘player’, who is blindfolded. They then, have to knock over a bottle kept on a table using only the contraption around their waist. Needless to say, it brought up a whole lot of inappropriate comments, and if a lady knocked the bottle down on the first try, everyone else would giggle and say that she had a lot of “experience”. It’s a marvel how dignified Aunties can turn into giggling schoolgirls, while the real schoolgirls stare at them open mouthed!


I chose the best dressed girl and there was a present for her, and then I opened up all my presents –  got a bunch of useful things and some cash. 🙂

There was also the most delicious and pretty cake ever – I did not want to cut it!! And then I did not want to stop eating it!!


Lunch was followed by sangeet and a night of dancing. Liquor flowed in the evening, and by dinner time, the party was rocking.

This was my first wedding event, and what an event. A beautiful surprise, tons of blessings coming my way, and crazy dancing. What more can a girl ask for – my Mom is the best for arranging this ❤ ❤

And so it begins…. 😀

6 thoughts on “Showers of Happiness

  1. Wow! What a fantastic shower! Your mom truly is a rockstar- and I love the cake! And the answer ‘losing you’ – cho chweeet 🙂

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