Wedding Videos I LOVE <3

I wanted to share the videos that I really really love, so here goes:

First up is this one: It’s a Sikh wedding in Toronto. What I love about this one is the back and forth between all the different wedding events, and the fact that it is all centered by this funny story about the guy’s side coming to the girl’s house after the wedding for the official vidaai. The sisters block his path and demand a ransom to release his new wife to him. I must have watched this like a hundred times, and have even hammered it into my videographer’s head that this is what I want! Hopefully, he’ll deliver. Watch and smile:

This is another one that I really liked:

If you haven’t already guessed, I am a big fan of Film-Style Weddings, and they would have been my videographer of choice had the wedding been here in Toronto.

And here is an awesome proposal! This one went viral last November and I’m sure everyone has seen it but nonetheless: Prem proposes to Manisha in Vegas. Love it!

Here’s hoping that our pictures and video are as good as these! … Fingers and toes tightly crossed!

3 thoughts on “Wedding Videos I LOVE <3

  1. I havent seen the videos yet but I am sure they would be nice as you have recommended them! I cannot thank you enough as my laptop got stolen a few days back and all the links I had saved (researched for the last 1 year) was gone!! I wanted to find good videos since so long but with office and wedding prep I dont find enough time. Thank you so much again!! 🙂

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