Jewellery for the Bride – Mehendi

My thoughts have recently turned towards my Mehendi / Cocktail function. I have decided that I will get my mehendi done in peace in the afternoon at home. I want the quiet reflection of having my henna applied in the house I was born in, without 300 people around me. All I really want is my Mom for that emotional time – which cannot happen if the mehendi is being done at the party. Also, this way, my mehendi will have dried and I can actually enjoy the party at night. 

And so, as I was searching online for mehendi lehenga ideas, floral jewellry caught my eye. This tradition of the bride-to-be being dressed up in floral jewellry for the mehendi is very common in many families – not in mine though. Tradition aside – I think it’s a great idea. Between all the functions where the bride is sparkling from head to foot, the mehendi is a time to look fresh. 

I recently went to a friend’s mehendi, and she had worn floral jewellry. However, she had not really dressed it up, so her sister who had on actual jewellry looked more dolled up than the bride. This of course raised flags in my head, because by then I was already checking out floral jewellry, and kind of falling in love with the idea.

It got me wondering if floral jewellery could actually be carried off well, and look “heavy”. A short search on google, and the answer was a yes. The trick it to use small flowers – and lots of them. See the pictures below for examples. These are taken off the internet but are my inspiration:

Here is an example of the jewellery looking “heavy”. I really like the maangtikka and the earrings.


This is a tad much in my opinion, but it does not take away from the beauty of the jewellery itself


Love the ‘jhumka’ effect of the flowers here



And here the pearls go well with the flowers


Love the effect that the flowers are bringing to the girls face here



The bracelet below looks like a corsage, but it is super pretty!



Here is one where the colour red is very prevalent. Another good one, though not my favorite:


You will have to look closely at the jewellery of this bride. I really like the fine craftsmanship of it


And this picture – she even has a floral kamarbandh – love it!


Esha Deol recently got married. Here is her picture on her mehendi. I am not a fan of the floral maangtikka, but I love the necklace that she wears.



These are pictures of Aishwarya’s mehendi. She did the floral jewellry thing very very well. I love the fact that they used buds instead of flowers.


Look closely at the flowers behind her on the back of the sofa she is sitting on – see all the tiny flowers? That was actually a floral chunni!



And here is the big question: Does anyone know of vendors who do such work in Delhi??



9 thoughts on “Jewellery for the Bride – Mehendi

  1. I have been desperately looking for a place that’ll make floral jewellery! Any leads? I am getting my Mehendi done in the morning as well! Followed by a party that’s being calle my Mehendi/Sangeet in the evening! I want to be able to dance too!

    • No leads 😦 Or at least no decent leads. I know a couple of friends who had floral jewellery, but it didn’t have the finesse I was looking for. I’m going to check out lakme salons – heard some provide this service.

  2. hey..reading your post for the first time. There is one Malai Mandir in Delhi. Some florists there do this south indian style flowers jewels thingi. I’d been there.. while looking for kind of jaimala I want and saw there album. Hope you might find there the one you are looking for.

    Best luck!!!

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