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This Labour Day long weekend was special. With mere weeks left to the wedding, I finally got on with some serious shopping. I only window shopped, but that’s half the battle won – once you know what you want, it makes it way easier to chase it and purchase it. 

So this weekend, I was not shopping for dresses, but rather for cookware 🙂 (Apparently, it’s not ALL about the wedding – we need to deal with the marriage part of it too!) And with marriage comes… a beautiful kitchen (hopefully!! the search is still on, though there are many condos that I am in love with!).

Though I do not cook very often, I find myself being very picky with what I want for the kitchen. A big reason is that the condos are all open concept. That means that the kitchen is not a separate part of the house, hidden away, but is rather on full display throughout the house. There are no walls to shelter it, and that is a good thing because the kitchens we have seen are GORGEOUS – black stone counters and stainless steel appliances with accent lighting – looks very glamorous. The downside – we’ll have to keep it clean always.

So coming back to the trips to the mall this weekend: I checked out the many ranges of cookware that are out there. High end, medium end. I have decided not to go for the non-stick variety of cookware. It really is unhealthy and you really should not be putting those chemicals into your body – plus the coating comes off, and it looks horrible after that. So this is the one that I like the most:


Cuisineart has an awesome variety of cookware, and it was one of the most stylish and ‘in’ ones out there. Yes, the black and thick handles are outdated now. I loved the fact that when I picked up the pots, they were a decent weight and did not have a thin bottom. Also, the handles are incredibly easy to grip. Apart from that, the pots have subtle spouts (I have dealt with trying to pour something out of pots and getting the gravy all over the counter so I appreciate this. The lids are vented and are glass. Dishwasher safe as well (because of course, scrubbing dishes is NOT part of marriage – or my marriage at least!). 

This has not been bought yet, but will be, within the next couple of weeks. A close second was the Kitchenaid range. Notice the similarities between the two? Looks like I really like the whole ‘sleek handle’ thing. 


Apart from that, I have had my knives chosen for a long time now: The Komachi set. 


How gorgeous are they?! I absolutely fell in love with the brightness of it at first glance. And each colour indicates what the knife should be used for: green for greens, the small red one for tamatoes etc. It’ll look gorgeous on a granite countertop!

Things to buy from Delhi for Indian cooking: a flat ‘tawa’ for making rotis, a haandi set (that I spied at a dinner party and got the specifics from the Aunty’s it was – just need the small and medium size). And of course a pressure cooker. All these are available here in Toronto, but I feel that I’ll probably get a larger variety there. 


I am yet to cook a full meal unaided. With Mom always in the kitchen with me, it’s just never happened so far and so this does make me anxious. Here’s hoping the gorgeous kitchen and cookware inspire us to cook together and make a lot of fun memories 🙂 May our kitchen be abundant with health and hearth! 🙂


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