The Rings Are In!!

My engagement ring was chosen by A and I in December 2011. It was made to order and picked up by A this summer. He held on to it and proposed in July, which is when I fiiiiiinaaallllyyy had it on my hand. However, I am so scared I’ll wreck it, and so I have not worn the ring at all. It sits prettily in its box. I think I’ll only really start wearing it after our formal engagement ceremony a couple of days before the wedding. Till then, I am quite happy having it safe in its little box.

We picked out A’s ring this weekend. It looked fabulous on his hand, and the best part is that the rings match. In fact, when we came home and I put both of them together, they really were a pair!

Our ring shopping is unusual because it has been done entirely by us (unusual in terms of an Indian wedding where the whole family goes shopping). However, it has made the experience all that more personal and given us great memories.

There was a sweet romance to the event of choosing my ring- we knew it was the one when both of us went “wow” as soon as I tried it on, an there was romance to the event of finding his ring, where we made a set out of our rings.

The only thing left is the engraving of the rings- we’ll do that next week with a code word that we used all through high school that means “i love you”.

Another check mark off our list- another bunch of beautiful memories made. 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Rings Are In!!

    • What I did was took a really pretty decorated crystal tray and put Loads of rose petals in it!
      we had a diya on one side and a little raised thing for the ring. I wish I could show you pictures but nobody clicked the tray 😦

      If your coming to delhi check out chandani chowk for all of this

      • Oh no! Your tray sounds soooo pretty! I wish someone had taken a pic of it!! I’ve seen some trays and they are over the top blingy. I feel that the center of attention should be the rings not the rest of the stuff, so I really like the diya idea – the diamonds will twinkle with it. I think I’ll incorporate that somehow.
        Yes, I’ll be coming to Delhi for the wedding – where in Chandni Chowk do you go for this stuff?

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