When your Fiance is back from a month long business trip…

… it’s the BEST feeling ever 😀

The romance of abandoning your car mid-road to run into his open arms is unparalleled!! Too much effort to park :p

We must have made quite a scene because for those 5 minutes we were absolutely oblivious to the world, and as he twirled me in his arms, I felt like my world righted itself 🙂

I’m still smiling as I type this up – “A” was away for a whooooole month and though we rang up our phone bills, it just was not the same.

I was preoccupied with wedding stuff, so I thought that would make the month go by quicker, but it didn’t . If anything, time seemed to slow and the hours leading up to his arrival absolutely crawled.

The upshot is that he’s brought back a ton of stuff. The fact that he was sent to India for the trip was pretty awesome for us. My MIL sent me presents, and so did “A”.

I loooove it when someone is home from the airport and the suitcases open up… it’s Christmas for me then!! 😀

So now that we are back in the same time zone, we can focus not only on the wedding planning, but the marriage planning! Next weekend – we’re off to check out houses, and I am really looking forward to it 🙂


3 thoughts on “When your Fiance is back from a month long business trip…

  1. I went through the exact same feeling about this time last year. I was in Europe for about 3 months and my fiance flew down just to see me. These are some feelings I can never ever forget!

    • Some moments remain imprinted in our memories. Sometimes they are the most magical of moments and sometimes they are the most ordinary.
      That was soooo sweet of your fiance! You must have been super duper excited!

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