Wedding Date Announcements and the Shy Bride Syndrome

Nothing makes a girl feel more like a bride than when the wedding date is announced to friends and family.

This had been going on in my house for a while now – about a month or so. After the date was fixed, my parents made it a point to call up every relative’s house, and inform them of the same. These discusiions would inevitably lead to unsolicited advise and gossip from the other end – which is fun, don’t get me wrong!

However, all this had been taking place on the phone so far, since all our relatives live oreseas. Recently, my parents hosted a couple of parties at which they announced to their friends – and it finally hit me that I’m getting married!

Being congratulated and making plans on the phone is one thing – it is very easy to come back to reality after you put the phone down. But when you get congratulated by people in person, it just feels so good 🙂

The first time it happened was at a party my parents held at our place expressly for this purpose. There were about 35 people present, all close friends of my parents. At dessert time, my Mom asked for blessings for me since my wedding has been fixed. I remember freezing up because it was just so unexpected. There was a hush in the room for a second as everyone processed that information, and then a tumult of congratulations and questions. I was answering questions for the rest of the night. But I was happy to, and that was the first time ever, I felt shy being the center of attention. I guess there really is a “shy bride” hidden behind the bridezilla 🙂

On a side note, tickets to India are booked for the month of October. Very excited!! Oct is not far! 

Salon for bridal makeup and hair will also be booked very soon. Update on clothes: One “event” outfit bought! Slowly but surely… ❤




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